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The Cangialosi Business Innovation Competition (CBIC)


April 29, 2019 4:10 PM
Join us tomorrow for our annual competition and final event of the semester, the CBIC! The Cangialosi Business Innovation Competition (CBIC) is a competition exclusively for UMBC students that gives out up to $5,000 in cash prizes! 

Listen to students pitch their ideas in front of investors on April 30, 2019 at the UMBC Event Center in the Retriever Room from 7:00-9:00PM

Light refreshments will be provided. 

What is the CBIC?

The Cangialosi Business Innovation Competition (CBIC) is a unique opportunity for UMBC graduate and undergraduate students who are serious about starting a business.  Participants will experience the process of planning a startup business by submitting a competitive and realistic 3-5 page business plan, which will be judged by members of the Baltimore Angels (real investors!).  Qualifiers will present their ideas in a final competition, where cash prizes will be given out.


First Prize= $3,000
Second Prize = $2,000
Third Prize = $1,000
After a 6-month review, an additional $2,000 is available to one of the top 3 winners.

The CBIC will give competitors “real world” experience presenting and proposing their own idea.  They'll be paired with a business mentor and get helpful feedback and guidance. They’ll also get connected to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, which allows for networking and further business opportunities. On top of that, there’s some hefty cash prizes!

Winners also get...
•       Free legal services
•       Accounting advice
•       Membership at the award winning Betamore campus in Baltimore
•       Fundraising advice and pitch practice with experienced entrepreneurs

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