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From Engineer to Entrepreneur



University Center : Ballroom Lounge

Date & Time

February 25, 2019, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


Come listen to alumnus Corey Fleischer talk about how his personal interests played a large role in his path to studying mechanical engineering and his dedication to SAE Baja at UMBC.  This led to his undergrad research, a career at Lockheed Martin, and a launch into entrepreneurship as he went from building projects to building companies.

To date, Corey has been involved in three start-up companies: The Foundery, which  was a large success, a product development company which was a mild success, and a tech company that was a devastating failure. At The Foundery Corey encouraged people to prototype quickly so they could "fail fast, fail forward".  A product's first design rarely shows significant success regardless of its hardware or software.

Entrepreneurs need to learn as much as they can from failed iterations and plan for flexibility so when mistakes are made they won't be catastrophic. Corey will also candidly talk about his failed start-up and how it taught him the most important real life lessons and how to weigh risks.

If this sounds interesting to you, meet us on February 25th from 12-1PM in the University Center Ballroom Lounge. We hope to see you there!