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Negotiation Skills for the Entrepreneur Workshop

ENTR Workshop with John Fitzpatrick - October 30, 12 - 1pm

Having strong negotiation skills for an entrepreneur can be crucial when it comes to having success in their business. Entrepreneurs will not succeed in starting and growing their business if they don’t negotiate for what they want. By developing skills in negotiation, you will become more confident at identifying what you want and how to get it. Being good at negotiating; however, is a skill that takes time and practice. The uniqueness of each person, bundled with their priorities, behavioral styles, and emotions can influence the strategy and tactics you use to achieve success.

Join us for an interesting and informational workshop on October 30th from 12-1pm at the University Center, 115. 

About the Event

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • How to get better results in both formal and informal negotiations by building positive, productive relationships.
  • How to use critical thinking skills to assess and challenge assumptions.
  • The key tenants of influence and how to use them effectively.
  • To recognize when it is best to disengage from the negotiation.

About John

Over the span of his career, John has encouraged the success of others as a management consultant, an entrepreneur, coach, and adult educator. He is an expert in leadership, high performance teams, innovation, and agile methodologies. John helps Fortune 500 companies and Federal Agencies to improve collaboration by developing cultures that are open, embrace diversity, and seek innovation. His industry experience spans health care, global manufacturing, insurance, financial services, real estate development, and government.

John has an MBA from Duquesne University, and professional certificates inDeveloping Leadership Programs and  Project Management from the Association for Talent Development and Villanova University respectively.

Posted: October 21, 2019, 4:53 PM