Best Advice I Ever Got: Trevor Sumner

The founder of LocalVox offers a few choice words of wisdom for ambitious self-starters hunting for a mentor. Start-up founders and employees have raw talent, but need real mentorship to thrive....

Posted: February 8, 2013, 8:41 AM

When Good Ideas Bear Fruit

How is a business like an apple tree? Sharpen your pruning shears and find out. Back in July, I wrote about our efforts to bring more focus and discipline to 37signals by parting ways with some...

Posted: February 8, 2013, 12:00 AM

Best Advice: Fake It Till You Make It

Transitioning vision into reality for a new business, a new model, or simply an internal process may require pushing well beyond the status quo. Reddit co-founder Steve Huffman (who also...

Posted: February 7, 2013, 10:40 AM

Yes, Introverts Can Be Great Public Speakers

Author and advocate for introverts Susan Cain offers three tips for quiet types to master the art of public speaking. You can't choose how much talent you have for an activity, but you can choose...

Posted: February 7, 2013, 9:49 AM

When Is It Too Early To Start Marketing Your Startup?

After a while, your coding fingers start asking for a break. During that free time, your mind wanders. And, sometimes, it wanders into dangerous territory. You might start thinking about...

Posted: February 7, 2013, 5:30 AM

A Glimpse Inside NYC's Startup Scene

In the years since the financial crisis, New York has become a startup magnet. Here's a look at a diverse mix of Gotham entrepreneurs.

Posted: February 7, 2013, 5:00 AM