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New Fall 2020 Course Promotes Financial Literacy & CBIC 3/9!

FINC 150 taught by Dr. Douglas Lambdin & CBIC due 3/9 @1pm!

February 28, 2020 5:36 PM
Hello Retrievers!

UMBC has just announced a new course that will be offered next fall. It will be called FINC 150 (Financial Literacy), and will be taught by Dr. Douglas Lambdin who has taught upper-level economic courses at UMBC. 

This course will be extremely beneficial for entrepreneurship students with limited exposure to financial topics. 

In addition the CBIC is due in less than one week, be sure to submit your application soon! You can access our application on the Alex. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship website. 

Click on the link attached to read the full article.
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