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A Message from the UMBC Entrepreneurs Group

How can you stay connected with other Entrepreneurs?!

February 9, 2020 9:03 AM
*A message from the Entrepreneurs Student Org. Executive Board*

This semester Entrepreneurs Student Org. is trying a new system of keeping entrepreneurs around campus engaged with the community. We have created a Slack work space ( for all org. members to stay in touch. We believe the future of entrepreneurship on campus lies in this work space. 

Here's what you can do in the channels:

# general : the general channel is used by admin to post information about campus events and resources for the community. anyone can post here, but keep it entrepreneurial: resources, local events, and other relevant info.

# random : a non-entrepreneurship related "flimflam, flaffing, hodge-podge or jibber-jabber" group channel for unrelated fun conversations with members!

# introduce-yourself : say hello! introduce your name and major to make friends with other entrepreneurs on campus. great way to meet student entrepreneurs or be friendly.

# find-cofounders : have a project idea you want to work on? see who else is interested by describing it. members can ask questions or directly message you if interested.

# share-your-ideas : for students with ideas they want admins to incorporate. can be event planning related or entrepreneurial. your way of getting in touch and voices heard by the executive board.

# help : have questions? post them here and admin will get to you with a response.

All members are encouraged to join and if successful, all communications will happen through Slack. You can join by clicking here.

Note and disclaimer: throughout the semester, we will create more channels if needed. This work space is experimental and we hope all members can join to keep the environment engaged and fun. Initially, there will be limited users. Share the link with all entrepreneurs on campus but please be respectful to everyone. Do not post or send threatening or harassing messages to members. All messages are archived and inappropriate messages will be reported to faculty and results in a ban from the work space and subsequent disciplinary action. Everyone should know better.

Let's have a fun semester. Begin your startup journey: create or join businesses and surround yourself with ambitious entrepreneurs around UMBC.

Yours truly,
Entrepreneurs Student Org. Executive Board 
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