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The Entrepreneur’s Role in Changing the World

Getting Beyond Better: ENTR Workshop with Scott Townsley

Wednesday, November 15, 2017
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Sondheim Hall : 103
About Event
Many entrepreneurs are also disruptors, innovators and visionaries. Their impact is seen every day in new products and services that frequently define and capture new markets. On rare occasions, the change the world. Social entrepreneurs use the same skills and talents to change the world - for the better, every day.

This fast-paced session will:
 Define the emerging ‘social entrepreneur’
 Discuss how social entrepreneurs are able to ‘do well while doing good’
 Consider several unjust or unacceptable ‘equilbria’ that exist in society
 Introduce the elements of social entrepreneurship that lead to transformational change

While creating a fairer, more just society ought to be the goal of all – entrepreneurs are uniquely equipped to actually make it happen.

About Scott

For 30 years, Scott Townsley has stimulated innovation and new ways of thinking within the aging services field. In 2016, he along with several other faculty members of UMBC’s Erickson School (Management of Aging Services – Graduate and Undergraduate) formed the Center for Innovation to scale the development of an innovative nursing home alternative: The Green House Project (

Long known as one of the foremost strategists in the industry he has built and scaled several consulting firms/practices while helping clients to innovate and transform. Today he serves as Professor of Practice at UMBC Aging ( where he teaches graduate courses in Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He’s also the Managing Principal of Trilogy Consulting, LLC a startup consulting firm. Scott holds a BS in Business & Administration from Drexel University and a Juris Doctorate from Villanova University.

When he’s not teaching or strategizing he’s a small boat sailor and runner.
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