Tools for the Entrepreneur

Spring 2015 entreSpace Workshop with Josh Massey


Academic Services : 139

Date & Time

April 13, 2015, 12:00 pm1:00 pm


When you start on your journey of becoming an entrepreneur, you need to be prepared to deal with various situations that may affect your business success. 

As a 21st century entrepreneur you have access to tons of apps and web tools that are meant to make your lives much easier and your businesses more productive. 

In this session, Josh Massey, will teach you the three most useful tools for an entrepreneur; Quora, Asana, and Hootsuite. They will help you determine your niche market, stay organized, and promote your business. You will learn how to put these tools into use to get you to the next level…and they are all free!

This workshop will be held on April 13 at 12:00pm in entreSpace, located in the old Theater Building next to the commons garage room 139.

About Josh:
Josh is a UMBC alum with his Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Leadership Development & Entrepreneurship and the former CEO of Banana Bones, the community building and navigation mobile app for UMBC. Josh is the founder and president of Trendable Solutions and works with small businesses to help them develop and implement their marketing goals. He is passionate about mentoring and is currently working on building a mastermind group for young entrepreneurs as well as an after school mentoring program. He holds a third degree black belt in Hapkido and lives in Baltimore with his wife and loveable pit bull.