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Your Technology is Not Your Product is in One Week!

ENTR Workshop with Peter Ettinger- April 12, 12-1PM

April 6, 2017 8:36 AM

Do you have a great idea or product in mind, but aren’t sure how to turn it into a valuable product? Then join us in the Commons 318 on Wednesday, April 12 from 12-1 pm. You’ll learn how to develop an idea into a scalable product that will reach the needs of your customer segment. We look forward to seeing you!

The challenge for many entrepreneurs is they focus on their technology and oftentimes forget to explain its true value in a way that provides a customer not only inspiration, but permission to make a purchase. In this discussion, we'll focus on how the good idea becomes an even greater product. Just what does it take to make the transition from a technology that is inspiring in its own right to an item that has true value to the right customer segment. And in walking through this offering, our takeaway is to embrace the customer voice in clear concise English with demonstrable value and benefit.

About Peter

From acceleration to business incubation, from go-to-market programs in AgTech, MedTech and Cyber as well as interaction with potential funding sources, Mr. Ettinger is focused on the transition of the good idea to an even greater product.

As Executive Director of the Maryland Center for Entrepreneurship he centers on not only finding, but growing those companies that have the go-to-market strengths that will allow them to make a real difference in their individual segments.

Peter has held senior leadership positions in both public and private companies: from Johns Hopkins University Medical School working with MD and PhD students as they transition qualified ideas from the bench to the bedside for both the domestic and global marketplace to President of publically traded Document Security Systems where he  increased sales by 200% by the restructure of its production staff, improving go-to market performance, and building an integrated sales structure.

With numerous speeches and presentations throughout the world, Ettinger is an author of articles in the fields of authentication, verification and document security and has also received numerous awards in the media and production fields.

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