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17 Common Entrepreneurial Pitfalls by Rob Baruch

Rob Baruch shares the 17 things he says you should avoid

March 15, 2017 12:59 PM
This past Monday, March 13, during free hour, Rob Baruch, a dedicated mentor and seasoned entrepreneur, shared 17 things he thought every aspiring entrepreneur ought to know: 
  1. Don’t be afraid to fail 
  2. Don't misinterpret your market 
  3. Don't delay your launch
  4. Don't blindly create a product
  5. Don't forget about branding
  6. Don’t think you know it all
  7. Don't get materialistic
  8. Don't move too slowly
  9. Don’t give yourself the wrong salary
  10. Don't avoid contracts
  11. Don't neglect your marketing budget
  12. Don't make hires too soon
  13. Don't take negativity to heart
  14. Don't go it alone
  15. Don't be greedy
  16. Don't forget about due diligence
  17. Don't get too wrapped up in your ideas

Visit this link for details on each one! 
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